Experience Ultimate Yacht Chartering in Dubai

Summit Yachts offers a professional yacht rental service that which aim is to bring their clients highest satisfaction. Client is the main priority. Those are not just words, this is a tattoo encrypted on the heart of every person who works for this company. Be assured that if you decide to get a luxurious yacht chartering experience you will be treated like a king. You will be surrounded by dedicated, professional staff that will eagerly assist you. Summit Yachts can satisfy wishes of any client! Our services suit simply for everybody! Either you are a couple who want to have private romantic voyage, a family who would like to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Arabian Sea or adventurous person looking for active time spending, new feelings and rush of adrenaline – everyone will leave with a smile of the face and pleasant memories. Yachting in inviting waters of Arabian Sea will turn into the trip of a lifetime!

You have an opportunity to gain the experience that you have never had before and that you will never forget in your lifetime! Just imagine entering  mysterious waters of Arabian Sea on a luxury yacht with a crew that is happy to help and fulfill all your desires. You are in the full control of the route, you set the direction where to go, so just go to your dreams! Every person who decides rent your yacht from Summit Yachts you will be surprised how precisely they understand what clients want. Maybe you want an excursion with a guide who will reveal you the secrets of beautiful nature of Dubai? Or spend a nice time relaxing aboard, tanning and sipping your favorite cocktails? Or turn your trip into active sport activity? Undoubtedly, everybody will be pleased, even the person with most extraordinary wished!

The company has a long history at providing yacht rental services and is proud of its unquestionable quality and unshaken principles which are created in order to provide customers top service and ultimate relaxation.

Resting with Dubai’s leading yacht charter companies will result into the happiest moments you have ever dreamt of. Such compbination of price and quality will not leave anybody indifferent. Summit Yachts is proud to be on the list of the best yacht charter companies in Dubai which means high standards of quality and client orientation. Don’t wait and contact us to have an amazing holiday of a superb luxury yacht which you will always remember with a wide smile. We will be happy to guide you and answer your questions.

Experience Luxurious Relaxation at Sea

Dubai is amazingly beautiful place with it unique land nature, but it is even more beautiful if you watch it from the water. You will have an opportunity to gain such incredible experience when you hire yacht charter Dubai provided by Summit Yachts. Goal of the company is to leave all customers satisfied and impatient to come back again. Simply rent a yacht in Dubai and you will experience unforgettable feelings of excitement and joy.

Regardless of the aim and type of people who accompany you you will have the best vacation you could ever imagine. Whether you are seeking for an adventure, a loud party or a peaceful time with your loved ones you will find everything if you hire a yacht in Dubai. There are so many types that company provide starting from 33-feet boats for fishing ending with 85-feet long boats where you can do whenever your heart wishes for.

Your trip starts at the Dubai Marina Summit Yacht Club which is famous for its modern features. There you will also find a Cayan Towers spiraling on the top of marinas. As soon as you enter Dubai Sea you glance will fall on such significant places as Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis the Palm resort, the World Islands, and the Palm Islands.

Yacht Party Experience

If you have an important event coming up and planning to throw a party, turn to Summit Yacths. Simply make a list of things you want to be present at the celebration and our team with assist you with pleasure. You will be provided with the most splendid yacht and first professional services along with first-class crew.

Regardless of the type of holiday you have, whether it is engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate or national holiday rent a yacht in Dubai and we will take care of organization of your event. Just relax and enjoy the view of the crystal clear waters, bright sun and white sands on the distant coastline. The breathtaking nature of Dubai will make your party worth remembering.

If you decided to spend a vacation in Dubai you will be able to choose from a wide range of yachts to rents. There are small fishing boats with size about 33 feet and 85 feel lavish yachts. The size of the company you are coming with may vary also from small group to a big one up to 37 people. Moreover you have a possibility to choose from different bedrooms! All are convenient and have everything you would want in them – kitchen, sundeck and mini pool and even more – home theatre and music system for parties.

Already excited? Keep calm, there is more. You can order premium services while aboard which include disc jockeys for partying, first class catering and rental of ultramodern fishing gear.

It’s for everything – partying, cruising, fishing

One of the significant advantages is the services of picking up and dropping off the client with the territory of Sharjah and Dubai. The royal yacht is coming along with professional crew and captain. Company provides a full insurance for the yacht and people on it. On the kitchen you will find refreshing drinks that will make your trip highly pleasant. If you like fishing we will give you professional gear for your hobby. If you are a fan of action then there are home theatre and sound system.

Boat rental in Dubai is a representation of a good taste. When making a reservation make sure to ask about all the premium services our company provides for just an little extra fee.

Tips on Chartering

When you are planning on throwing a party or having a vacation consider chartering a luxury yacht. It is even better than spending time at the hotel since you don’t need to worry about anything! Our staff will do everything for you. Here are some tips about chartering such yacht:

Charter luxury yacht beforehand. This way you will have a bigger choice and opportunity to get the best yacht! Also our team will be able to guide you in your desires. First of all you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are you going with? In order to fit everyone and let them have their own space you need to know the exact amount of vacation members.
  • What kind of yacht is needed? Depending on the situation and type of vacation you want to have there is a variety of yachts starting from sport ending with luxury yachts.
  • Budget is another important point. You should know how much you and your friends want to spend.
  • What time you will have the vacation? It is important to know the dates.
  • What kind of charter suits you? Depending on the occasion there are yachts for parties and business events, family or friends time.

Another important thing you should remember is that generally yachts are booked half a year ahead. Especially if you need one for the high season like August you should start thinking about it in November.

Also don’t forget to ask questions! With such a big variety of yachts it is easy to loose your head. That’s why we kindly offer you to get acquainted with the yacht and talk to the crew before the trip for better understanding of what exactly you want. You will be able to see online the most appropriate yachts we chose for you. All of that will help you to choose the yacht you have always dreamt of.

The last thing we will suggest you to do is to fill out the paper with list of voyage members, their needs and wishes. This way our team will you provide with the best service possible and leave all passengers satisfied.

We are a client oriented Dubai yacht charter company that feels pleasure to assist you with its impeccable services.