A Look at Super Yachts

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bbcA few days ago I was watching BBC Business presenter Aaron Heslehurst taking a tour of a Princess M Class vessel at the Southampton Boat Show. Mr. Heslehurst showed us viewers the eleven million dollar super yachts, and while indeed it was beautifully made, and something most of us can only dream of owning, I’ve seen other super yachts that blew it out of the water. Some of which is available at yacht rental companies, though admittedly not at all affordable to everyone it is for those who are well-off. And one of the best place to enjoy your time on your yacht is Dubai.

If you really want to see super yachts with unbelievable architecture and out of this world price tags, you go to Dubai, though a lot of Russian billionaires have super yachts that fits this criteria, most are at some undisclosed location, while their owners plan for world domination, and some have sunk after a fight with some British secret agent, so let’s stick with the yachts of sheiks and sultans.

Yachts like the aptly named “Dubai” which is pretty much a titan when it comes to yachts, with most of its amenities and content a secret, with the whole owned by a head of state/royalty thing making publication of its structure a security threat. All we know about it is that it cost four hundred million dollars,  it’s 162 metres (531 ft) long, and it can hold 115 people (guests and crew).

When it comes to seeing the latest super yachts one of the best events to be at is the annual Monaco Yacht show, last year the event had a record breaking attendance, I totally understand why , last year there was the event had the most amazing lineup of the latest yachts, my favorite being the Damen SeaXplorer, which quite honestly looks like a super villain would own it. It could stay forty days at sea, and has an assortment of “exploration” toys, including a submersible. I imagine the presenter of the yacht were dropping hints of it not really just for exploration. seaxplorer

This year though it seems like the lineup is going to step it up a notch, but to get more people attending and as an attempt to tap into the buyers of a different market, the 2016 Monaco Yacht show will be having a Luxury Car display Deck, which will pull in more people with money and maybe interest them in entering the world of yachting.

In the end, even though the wonderful yacht Mr. Heslehurst showed us was quite a site which most of us will probably never own (I definiely will), the super yachts of Dubai and Monaco blows it out of the water. If you are aiming to own a super yacht one day, aim for these behemoths, so that if you end up shot, you still land at a pretty good yacht, much like the Princess M class vessel Heslehurst got to ride.