A Peek at the 26th Monaco Yacht Show

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Earlier this week I read about the upcoming Monaco yacht show, and though I have never had the honour of being invited, I am always excited to hear news of new models being displayed and the events that transpire each year.  This year though, I might have a chance to finally get to see it in person, if we could come up for the budget of the trip. I have heard that about 40 yachts are debuting this year, including the monstrous  238-foot Lürssen Coral Ocean, which I would be displayed with all the awesome toys you would expect the super-rich to have.

I had the opportunity to be at Dubai last month, a personal trip, though no event of significance was happening at that time, I was able to see a few spectacular yachts as we cruised around one my friend took from a yacht rental. I hope that my trip to Monaco gets the green light, as their displays will most likely blow the ones I saw out of the water, one I would like to see in particular is the new181-foot Damen yacht-support vessel, which will have all its accessories included, such as scuba gears and submersible.

One thing I found surprising is hearing about the display of luxury vehicles at the event, upon researching why though it seems that it’s meant to lure new money into the world of super yachts. A tactic I believe will definitely work, as you know how most of the superrich, especially the new rich, like keeping up with their peers. If one guy buys a sports car, everyone buys a sports car, if another guy buys a super yacht, the rest calls up their bankers to know how liquid they are.

Other than a few more details on what will be displayed, most of the details of the 26th Monaco yacht show is mostly only available to people invited and people of note, unfortunately I am not one of those people… yet.  But for now I will make a few calls and send a few emails to those who I think would have more information on the event. And if I ever get to go, with all my expenses paid of course, I will fill my fellow pleabs in on the scoop of the what and who of the event. So until then, let’s all keep dreaming on.