Celebrating Success at Dubai

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Last month we finished and sold our first app to a major client, and with the money we received, we decided to go on a little trip to celebrate our success. We went to a magnificent trip to, Hawaii… Don’t let the title fool you, we made a bit of money at the app sale but we didn’t become billionaires, maybe one day though… It was the furthest I had ever been from home and the tropical state was the first time I had ever been to one. It was beautiful and relaxing, I had thought that that was the most luxurious trip I will ever be… when fate, yet again, intervened.

We made a few friends in Hawaii and enjoyed many experiences with them during the trip, we also offered to and paid for most of the things we did, it’s in my nature to share the blessing I receive, a bit spendthrift maybe but I enjoy seeing people happy. Later on, one of the friends we made invited us to his home to thank us; little did we know that his some was over eight thousand miles away from where we were, at Dubai. And this is when the celebration really started.

I think it rude to write someone’s name without his permission, as I can’t seem to reach him at the moment, so my friend will remain nameless throughout this entry.

It was to our surprise, that one of the people we have been treating the last week was actually quite wealthy, we had thought him to be in good financial situation, with his choice of clothes, but never had we thought that he was the type to never really need to work, with his down to earth personality.

When we reached his home he told us that he wanted to thank us for the wonderful time we had at Hawaii, and in addition to congratulate us in our success. So after settling in, he took us around the beautiful city of Dubai, and we tasted the good life, the real good life which people who sell their ideas for billions have. There was a moment at a restaurant, when our rich friend introduced us to one of his acquaintances, the man asked what we are doing Dubai, our friend then said that he invited us to celebrate our successful sale of our App. That night we were treated like new tech billionaires.

The following morning, we were woken up and were told to prepare for a day at the marina, when we got there, we were met with the most extravagant boat I have ever ridden on, but that wasn’t really a hard title to get as the only other boat I ever rode on was my uncles fishing boat. I didn’t care if it was a rental yacht or a yacht he owned, all that I cared at that moment was, it was awesome.


The time came when we had to go back home and live our regular lives, we thanked our host one last time at the airport, and flew back home, there were stop overs, but we flew back home…. And though we may or may not become real tech billionaires and return there, I can still say that we once celebrated our success at Dubai.