Facts about Bail Bonds I Learned In Torrance

I’ve never been in trouble with the law, but it is part of my job to know about this kind of things to help out people who need information about bail and bail bonds. I was lucky to have a friend who works as a bail bondsman in Torrance to talk about a few things you might want to know about how things work in the bail bonds. In this article, I was able to understand a few things about what can be used as collateral for your bail bond. I was surprised to discover the variety of things you could use as a get out of jail “free” card. Let’s list them from the most surprising to the more common things you can think of.

  1. Cattle and Other Livestock – Yup, old Bessie can be used as collateral; it would make sense because livestock does have value. I just found it amusing, the idea of handing over a cow for your freedom sounds like something you would do in the Middle Ages. Though I wrote down “Cattle and Livestock” anything of value in your farm could also be used, like farm equipment, just make sure they still work though, I don’t think scrap metal is on the list of things that can be used as collateral.
  2. Firearms – If you decide to commit a crime, try not to do it with your firearm, aside from your offense probably not being bailable, you might be able to use your firearm as collateral to get out of jail. It’s interesting how you can use a gun to get out of jail legally, just make sure your gun has the proper papers though, you wouldn’t want illegal possession of firearms to be added to your list of offenses.
  3. Art, Artifacts, and Antiques – While I do get that the value of these things makes them perfect to use as bail collateral, I really wouldn’t understand why you wouldn’t have the money to pay for your bail if you collect these things.
  4. Vehicles – This is a bit more common, but what is interesting is that during our conversation he included motorhomes in the list of vehicles you can use. The thing is, you have to let the bail bondsman keep possession of the vehicle until the time you can get it back. What if you live in that motorhome? You’d be out of jail but on the streets until your hearing, better stay in jail with three square meals a day I say!
  5. Money In The Bank – So this is interesting; basically they freeze your accounts until the day of your hearing, and they keep the amount in it if you don’t show up. I don’t think you can use this option if you only have $4.25 in your account though…

The rest of the stuff is the typical collateral options, like the deed to your land/house, jewelry, and anything that is obviously valuable. Keep the rest in mind just in case you are short on cash and need a different way of paying your bail.