Interesting Places in Dubai

Being developed in many different directions, Dubai has a plenty of things to see. From religious buildings to the derby contest, it offers an unforgettable experience and exciting memories to make, enough to fall in love with this city once and for all. Here are some of the most interesting places in D-city.

Burj Khalifa

Why not start with the tallest building in the world? It is definitely the experience you don’t want to miss. You have two options: have drinks at the Atmosphere restaurant or visit “At the top” observation deck. You will experience what does it feel like to get from the first to one hundred twenty-fourth floor in one minute, as well as enjoy a great three hundred sixty degrees view on most of the Dubai.


Dubai Fountains

Dubai takes the best from the world and makes it even better. Same happened to the worldwide known Bellagio fountains which D-city turned into a performance of a higher level. Dubai’s fountains are taller, the music is more sophisticated, and this all is accompanied by a spectacular light show after dark. Among the compositions usually presented along the show are Shik Shak Shok, Baba Yetu, some of Andrea Bocelli famous compositions, and Sama Dubai.


Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina area is famous for its breathtaking beautiful skyscrapers of different forms, JBR walk, great cafes and restaurants, overlooking both the spectacular marina with yachts and boats all over it, created to relax and have a good meal or try out authentic Arabian hookah, and nice beaches, which are located next to marina.



Burj Al Arab

The only hotel in the world granted a seven-star rating is definitely a must-see. It is attractive from inside and out. Built in a form of a ballooning sail, it is three hundred twenty-one meters in height. It has a helicopter deck for special guests. The interior design of  Burj Al Arab is in authentic wealthy Arabian style. The building is an architectural landmark of Dubai, which is supported by the fact that almost everyone visiting Dubai takes a picture with it in the background. The cost of the night there starts with twenty-five hundred dollars. If you cannot afford to stay at this pearl of Dubai, but still want to have some Burj Al Arab experience, visit one of its restaurants or bars.


Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding

This is not something you may find in a tour guide, but a unique place where you can get a true cultural experience. Originated by a Muslim man who has a European wife, it focuses on the interplay of cultures, namely, of Muslim and European. Also, there you will be able to get more educated about the peculiarities of a Muslim culture, after what you will most likely look on a Muslim world in a brand new way, as well as get rid of all the prejudices regarding it. In addition, you will be treated with a national food of UAE and some exclusive desserts.


Miracle Garden

When it seems that Dubai covered everything it possibly could, it still manages to surprise its visitor. Though many people think that Dubai is built on quite a deserted territory, another wonder it has proves this wrong. It is nothing else but a Dubai Miracle Garden, covering the territory of seventy-two thousand square meters and having around forty-five million flowers that bloom all year long. Flowers are formed into different sculptures and structures, which makes your experience there even more magical. A garden in the middle of a desert, what can be more magical?