The Difference between Racing Yachts and Dinghies

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racing-yachtsSo you went and rented and dinghy and raced with you friends, when you see people further in the water racing yachts, you think to yourself “I can do that” told your buddy to hold your beer and called up your boat guy in Dubai and told him to find you a yacht for rent. This is probably not the best idea as you will be handling something, though similar in ways, a bigger boat. When it comes to sailing and a lot of things really, size matters, especially when it comes to steering the damn thing.


The Dangers

dangersSailing Dinghies is fun, you learn a lot and experience something quite outstanding, not to mention the dangers are less concerning compared to sailing a yacht. For example, when sailing a dinghy capsizing and falling off the boat is pretty much part of the fun and learning experience, but when it comes to yachts, the rare occurrence of capsizing is quite dangerous, and falling overboard is not as fun as it is in the dinghy. It is differences like these that you must know first and master first in the relative safety of smaller boats like dinghies when racing.

The mastery of the proper use of the winces, and clutches, as well as other deck hardware is crucial, as the size and weight of the yacht is exceedingly greater than that of the dinghy, and the danger of the moving parts of the boat could exceed a ton, and will definitely cause you harm in the event of colliding with it. So remember that it will take a more experience sailor and team to pull off riding such a boat, if you think that you are ready it would be best for you to get some training on yachts first, knowing where similarities end and when differences begin.



I am all for fun and would always welcome new things in my life, but when it comes to something that requires experience, less you and your loved ones are put in danger, It would be best for you to start small and slow. Master what lies before you first, you can enjoy your vacation in Dubai or Monaco without putting yourself or your family in danger. If you really want to get on those racing yachts, join in with an experienced crew and observe, enjoy the ride and let them show you the ropes of how to control such a boat.

Yachting is a wonderful experience, and I implore you to try it at least once in your life, whether you are learning how to race magnificent racing yachts, or just cruising around the marina of Dubai through a yacht rental service. The beauty of sailing on a yacht is something that everyone should experience, let it be with friends, family, a lover, or just yourself relaxing and having a really good time.

To start, look for your nearest yacht rental company and see if find something you like.