Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is the city where Eastern culture is harmonically mixed with a  European class. It is about skyscrapers and marvelous mosques. It is about turquoise Arabian Gulf and endless desert. This city almost has it all, so it is very easy to get confused at what to do there when you are there for a vacation. Don’t worry! We are pleased to provide you with some great suggestions and save you more time for packing. Without further due, here are some of the exciting things to do in the city of the tallest building in the world.


Fine Dining

Whether you are a picky gastronomer or just love to have a delicious meal, Dubai has always something to offer. It has restaurants with almost every cuisine of the world and all of them are happy to provide you a delivery, in case you are not in the mood for eating at a restaurant itself. If we are talking about the places where you are able to get the unforgettable experience of dining, then you might take a look at Pierchic, which offers one of the best seafood dishes in Dubai, as well as tranquil atmosphere due to its unique location at the pier overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Another great choice is Margaux, from which you can enjoy the Dubai fountains along with the finest French cuisine in the city. When you decide to finally try some authentic Middle Eastern food, we recommend booking a table on the sand next to Burj Al Arab, which is basically the Majlis Al Bahar restaurant. But what can be better than watching the magnificent Dubai sunset and listening to the sea waves, along with feeling a sea breeze on your skin?


women on a yacht


If you are a lover of extreme leisure time or want to try something new, go for skydiving in Dubai above the Palm Island. You will definitely get an unbelievable experience, best views on Dubai and probably will conquer your fear of height if you have it. To make this adventure true, we recommend using the services of Sky Dive Dubai, who are ready to help you enjoy this amazingness to the fullest.



Dubai is a perfect place for kitesurfing lovers, as it has all the favorable conditions for it: windy weather and long beaches. You can kitesurf at almost any Dubai public beach, and, in case you need any help, instructors are there seven days a week all year long. There are also schools dedicated to teaching kitesurfing, the most popular of which are Dukite, Kitefly Club, and Duco Maritime.  Mind that students must be at least ten years old to be given lessons to.


Desert Safari

Desert safari experience offers a bunch of interesting and even extreme activities. You may have a ride around the dunes on a Land Rover, or, in case you prefer something more authentic, on camels. It is followed by a Middle Eastern lunch or dinner depending on the time you have your safari. Dinner is accompanied with a traditional Arabian hookah smoking, and, in other cases, with Arabian dancers’ performance. If you choose the night tour, you will be able to watch millions of stars on the endless sky.


Ski Dubai

Tired of hot weather and swimming in the turquoise Arabian Gulf? Dubai has something else for you to offer. It is a mini snow resort right in the middle of all-year round summery Dubai. Located in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai is designed in the best way to ensure you have a great snowboarding or skiing experience, including a provision of equipment and clothes. It even has a bar on the top of the slope, which you are welcome to attend, in case you feel too cold or just want to watch other people skiing, sipping a hot chocolate.