Things to Know About Bail Bonds In San Diego

So you finally got some time off for yourself and had that vacation you’ve been thinking of having for the last two years, you might not have a lot of money, but you were able to scrounge enough for a good time. You were expecting to have the best two-week vacation you’ve had in a long time, when you accidentally Shoot a jackrabbit from a back of a streetcar which is illegal (actual law in San Diego), and you go to jail!

Okay, what I was trying to let you picture was that you broke the law specific to that city. So you’re in jail and you either spend the rest of your vacation in jail or pay your bail and enjoy what’s left of your vacation. The problem is your vacation budget is just about the same amount as what you have to pay for bail, would you:

A.) Stay in Jail to save money.

B.) Pay the Bail and wait until the hearing to get it back.

C.) Get a Bail Bondsman in order to only pay a percentage of the bail and try to salvage your vacation.

If you chose “C,” then I guess you really needed that vacation, and probably even more now after all that has happened.

Lucky for you that law about jack rabbits and a law about Christmas lights after February are the only things different when it comes to the law in San Diego and other cities. Getting a Bail bondsman in the city would be about the same as the rest of the country.

How Can Bail Bondsman in San Diego Help You ?

A bail bondsman is a private entity that Negotiates, and pays for your bail, in return you give them more or less 10% of the total bail value as payment. So instead of paying the whole thing you only need to pay a fraction of the cost for your freedom, which is better than being broke for the whole duration of waiting for the hearing date and staying jail. Here’s the catch though:

  1. You don’t get that 10% back; that is the company’s fee.
  2. You might be required collateral to make sure you go to your Hearing, where they get the money the used for your bail back.
  3. If you don’t show, you’ll be hunted down, and you lose your collateral.


Sometimes a bail bond company will require collateral, which can be anything significantly valuable. Don’t worry you get it back as long as you show up to your hearing; it’s just assurance. If the property used as collateral isn’t yours, don’t be a jerk and skip on bail, someone stuck their neck out for you, have the decency to be responsible and thankful.

Hunted Down

If you skip bail, you will have a bounty on your head, though most of the time not that big or serious, there are a lot of bounty hunters out there who would gladly hunt you down for the extra bucks. If you don’t want some big dude named “Mad Dog” to chase you around, just attend your hearing and face your consequences. Who knows, you might even be acquitted.