Types And Classification of Yachts

people having a party on a boatImagine a warm sun kissing your skin along with a soft cooling wind blowing from the sea while you turn the steering wheel of a boat…it’s all possible with yachting. Besides the fact that nowadays it is one of the luxurious ways of spending a leisure time, it has also become a lifestyle. If you cannot imagine your life without ocean breeze, fishing, or just spending your time in the sea, and you consider yourself to be more than an average boater, then you must be already thinking about purchasing a yacht.

If you are just starting to dive into the world of cruising in open waters, then we recommend to begin with a day sailing yacht, or, as it is also called, a dinghie. What is distinctive about this type of boat is that it doesn’t have an overnight cabin, which makes it suitable for a day-long sailing. Still, it includes a cubby for your personal items and a place where you can hide, when the ocean spray gets too intense, so you can easily use it for a day in the sea with your buddies or family.

In case you consider yourself to be a sailor of a higher level, take a look at the weekend yachts. This kind of boats is designed for a weekend or a short vacation in the open waters. On the contrast with the previous type, this yacht is equipped with the cabin for an overnight stay, which has a bed for two-three people, and a place to keep your belongings. So, you will definitely be able to stop at some picturesque beach for camping, if your heart desires so.

relaxing on a yacht

Boat of the next level is a cruising yacht, which is known to be the most popular kind. It is so loved because of its capability of performing long trips and easiness in operating it in open waters. Its major distinction from the previous types is that it has a lot of space: inside and outside, which makes it perfect for big gatherings and longer sea trips. Cruising yachts are usually twenty-five to fifty feet long, and are ideal for comfortable cruising due to particular conveniences they have.

If you are the kind of sailor that prefers to switch from sails to motor from time to time, then motor sailor yacht is just right for you. It is designed to use both sails and motor, when and as long as you may need. You might like to use motor when there’s no wind, and so no sense in using sails. Talking about the room and facilities, it provides enough of it for a big crew, as well as places for overnight stay.


The most sophisticated, as well as the largest type of boats though is the luxury sailing yacht. Commonly, its length exceeds eighty feet. Also, this kind goes with a huge fiberglass hulls. It is packed on the highest level possible for a yacht, including television, air conditioning, long-term electricity generators, and computerized technical equipment.

Finally, there are also racing yachts, created for those, for whom yacht is more than a mean of transportation in open waters. So, if you have the competitive gene and feel like a fish in the sea on a yacht, it may be the time to upgrade to this level. Designed using the lightest materials and sails which enable the best possible wind propulsion, it is the ideal fit for competitions, as well as it is still good for just a pleasurable sailing.

We believe that, keeping that in mind, you will make no mistake, and choose your perfect yacht.