What You Need To Know Before Renting A Yacht

For anybody who considers to rent himself a yacht, it is vital to, first of all, do a proper research on the peculiarities of these vessels, namely, their types, cost, and places of rent. It looks like a huge amount of work to do, doesn’t it? Well, guess what, we decided to save your time and gather all the basic knowledge regarding the above-mentioned peculiarities in this article. Thank us later.

chartering a yacht


To start with, you gotta decide the purpose that you need the yacht for, and then figure out which type fits your needs. What we mean by “type” right now, is, first of all, its length. The of the smallest ones are about fifteen to one hundred feet, while the biggest reach up to five hundred feet long. If you are looking for a good racing yacht, its length should be no less than sixty-eight feet.

Also, these vessels differ in a way you run them. The operation of a yacht is possible using electricity and/or diesel motor, which is, by the way, considered to be a cheaper option. There are yachts where both of these options are possible. Having chosen them, you are given the possibility to control the amount of energy spent on the trip, or use diesel motor as a backup in case there is something wrong with the electrical system.


guy on a yacht

We are sure you know that renting a yacht is very expensive. How expensive it would be in your particular case depends on the numerous factors. Firstly, on the size of the yacht. Logically, the bigger the yacht is, the more thousands of dollars you will have to pay. Besides the size of the vessel, the price is also influenced by whether or not you want a boat crew, which includes a captain, a chef,and a guide, in case you are interested in a particular destination; and, of course, how far you wish to go. Thus, we recommend, first, to consider all your needs and then pick the particular yacht, which will completely fit them. It would be better to do this at least few weeks in advance, so you can get the best price for all the services you may be interested in.

Where to Rent

There is an uncountable number of companies which offer yachts for rent. What we would do is pick at least six companies that look good, after what view their track records. After a consideration, we would then go with two of them that seem worth to be trusted to. Finally, we would pick the one out of two that has the best customer service or a yacht of which we really like.