Yacht Relaxation by the Shore

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yacht-at-dubaiAre you planning a relaxing trip to refresh yourself? We always have our moments when we think of such things, despite our busy schedule. There are a lot of ways to relax by going on a trip to the mountain, hot spring resort, skiing, or simply traveling to different countries. We then think of areas we would like to visit. My suggestion, take a vacation in Dubai.

Dubai, the most populated place in UAE. Beautiful views, 7-star hotel, the Burj Khalifa, it’s simply a gorgeous place for a vacation. However, with so many options, people sometimes get confused where to go and what to do first and unexpectedly some would waste a huge time deciding. The ocean is beautiful, the shores by the beach is even more outstanding, and the best method to take advantage of all that in Dubai is to rent a yacht and enjoy yourself.

There are 2-3 hour cruise by searching a few promotions that are always offered to tourist. Of course, renting your own yacht will garner more than 3 hours of enjoyment, depending on the deal you make with the owner. With Dubai prospering so much through tourism, there are so many places to rent a yacht. You can simply check each one out when you get there, however I would like to provide some suggestions to help you decide.

If you have no problem with spending and simply want to rent a beautiful yacht, my suggestion is to go for Summit Yachts. If it’s your first time hearing about them, it’s a 5-star luxury yacht charter company. They have such wonderful amenities. From exclusive transfer, splendid cuisines, impressive hostess, to security, they have it all for you. You will truly receive what you spend for. For 20 pax, it’s from 1,500 AED to 2,500 AED per hour, and that’s for signature collection. There’s many more options, so come check them out!

Another option is FishinUAE. If you’re planning on a trip but would like to set aside some amount for other expenses, I suggest this charting company! They have wonderful options that are very kind for the pocket. From 23 feet to 101 feet selections, you can spend as little as 500 AED per hour to 5760 AED per hour depending on the maximum people you intend to hold. My suggestion, go for Gulf-Craft, a 55 feet yacht, maximum of 17 people with a wonderful pricing of 900 AED per hour. That would be the perfect choice to bring your family, and your family friend. Perhaps even split the cost to have a yet wonderful experience for the both of your family!

Going on trips is indeed relaxing, however if you plan to have a vacation along with your friends, renting a yacht is a wonderful way to go! There are so many options which to choose from, among the ones I have mentioned above. My final suggestion is simply to think it through, and imagine what you would do with the yacht. A tool has meaning, only at the hands of its owner.